Theta Tau Educational Foundation

2020 Scholarship Recipients

Iota Beta Fund

The Iota Beta permanent fund was made possible through contribution of proceeds from the sale of the chapter house on McNichols Avenue in Detroit by the McNichols House Corporation in 2007.  

Riley Kapanjie

Mu 2020,                    University of Alabama, Biological and Chemical Engineering 

Vincent Iskandar

Iota Gamma 2021,  University of Cincinnati, Aerospace Engineering

Cheyenne Hillman

Zeta 2021,                University of Kansas,

Civil Engineering & Anthropology 

Henry Niermann

Sigma 2022, 

The Ohio State University, Computer Science and Engineering 

JB Ladd, Zeta ‘49 Fund

J.B. "Bert" Ladd is the retired founder and CEO of Ladd Petroleum Corp. He earned a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering from KU in 1949.  

    Taylor Casady

    Zeta 2021,

    University of Kansas,

    Architectural Engineering

    Jeremy Chan, Tau Gamma ‘08 Fund

    The Jeremy G. Chan, Tau Gamma '08, Permanent Fund was created in 2010 by Jeremy's family, friends, and brothers in his memory. He was a charter member of our chapter at the University of Pennsylvania. This fund was created to provide a scholarship in his honor remembering Brother Chan, a man of both quiet wisdom and effervescent kindness.   

    Mariah Tinker

    Tau Beta 2021,

    Southern Methodist University,  Mechanical Engineering 

    Jeffrey Segelstrom

    Rho Delta 2021,

    University of Nevada -Reno,

    Mechanical Engineering  

    Robert L. Miller, Omicron ‘41 Fund 

    The Robert L. Miller, Omicron '41, Permanent Fund was established in 2009 by this Alumni Hall of Fame Laureate, engineer, and entrepreneur. Bob received his Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Iowa.

    Austin Hammer

    Omega 2021,

    South Dakota School of Mines and Technology,  Metallurgical Engineering / Business Management 

    Justin Hensley

    Iota Epsilon 2022,

    University of Georgia, 

    Civil Engineering

    William S. Johnson, Rho ‘42 Fund 

    The William S. Johnson, Rho '42, Permanent Fund was established in 2009 via bequest from his estate. Brother Johnson served his nation as an aerospace engineer in the US Air Force. He received his BS in Aeronautical Engineering from North Carolina State University and subsequent degrees from the California Institute of Technology and the Southern Methodist University

    Jorge Olivares

    Iota Epsilon 2021,

    University of Georgia, Mechanical Engineering & German

    Simon Ramo, Lambda ‘33 Fund

    The Simon Ramo, Lambda '33, Permanent Fund was established by this internationally renowned scientist, engineer, and Theta Tau Alumni Hall of Fame Laureate.      Dr. Ramo, a founding member of the National Academy of Engineering, held 25 patents by the age of 30

    Francesco Brossart

    Sigma 2022,

    The Ohio State University,  Mechanical Engineering  

    George P. Kalv, Gamma Beta ’47 

    George P. Kalv, Gamma Beta '47, has made history by establishing the first named permanent fund within the Theta Tau Educational Foundation.

    Anton Krondorfer

    Sigma 2020,

    The Ohio State University,

    Electrical Engineering  

    Luke Abbey

    Zeta 2021,

    University of Kansas, Civil Engineering 

    Andrew Campbell

    Sigma 2020,

    The Ohio State University,

    Welding Engineering