Leadership Academy Coordinator (Programming) - Volunteer

April 18, 2021

Leadership Academy Coordinator (Programming) - Volunteer

Do you want to create an impactful event for hundreds of college students that develops them for future success in their chapters and into the workplace?  

As a Leadership Academy (Programming) Coordinator, you will sit on the Theta Tau Educational Foundation Leadership Academy Committee and lead the development of the student and alumni content & curriculum of the 2022 Leadership Academy. The Leadership Academy is the Foundation’s signature event and is a memorable experience for attendees. You will perform a variety of tasks related to content, curriculum, facilitation and volunteer leadership as related to Leadership Academy.  

The following are the duties and responsibilities you will be expected to execute:

  • Contribute to developing and executing the event plan
  • Attend Leadership Academy Committee meetings
  • Attend the 2022 Leadership Academy to ensure successful leadership and facilitation of the event
  • Review previous Leadership Academy content
  • Refresh/create professional-development content for students and alumni
  • Assist in development of event agenda to include keynote speakers, breakout sessions, etc.
  • Recruit facilitators and other volunteers for event in 2022
  • Lead other volunteers (facilitators, break out leaders, etc)
  • Engage with Theta Tau Central Office Executive Director as needed

Other duties and responsibilities you may volunteer for or be assigned:

  • Survey students and alumni for desired content and development areas
  • TBD

Skills: This Position Might be for You if

You have excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as editing skills to create/refine content that is meaningful, deliverable, and consumable for students and alumni.  This would include the ability to write clear educational content and to prepare well-structured drafts to collaborate with other facilitators.

You have experience in large and small group facilitation.

You have strong project management skills to coordinate a large event with various presentations and contributors.

You have passion for creating a learning space with a cohesive, fun, and engaging theme.

You have the ability to meet deadlines, are a problem solver, resourceful, and decisive. 


  • Can devote an average of 5-10 hours per month to this position
  •      60-minute committee meeting every month (planning & working meeting)
  •      Volunteer time may vary month to month.  Expect to need more volunteer hours preparing facilitators in Spring 2022 (January - May)
  • Significant increase in hours as event approaches (est. July 2022)
  • Attend general Foundation volunteer orientation
  • Complete orientation for past Leadership Academy documents and processes
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Report to Leadership Academy Committee Leads on duties & responsibilities


  • Gain experience in event/program management
  • Develop your own professional skills by programming an engaging skill-development weekend
  • Gain experience building a training curriculum and facilitating learning
  • Increase exposure and expand your Theta Tau network through interactions with chapters, Central Office, and volunteer facilitators
  • Contribute your time and talents back to Theta Tau!

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