Founders' Day

October 15th

Theta Tau's Founders' Day of Giving is a new way to connect with the fraternity on Founders' Day. Support student brothers through donations to the Leadership Academy, Scholarships, or to the Foundation's General Fund.  

Thank you for considering a gift.  Your generosity allows us to fulfill the Foundation's mission and serve our members as the Fraternity's growth continues apace.

Theta Tau’s success and growth continue as campuses recognize the value of the programming we offer in community serviceprofessional development, and brotherhood. It also depends on the loyal support of alumni like you.  Our Fraternity has nearly doubled in the last 6 years - Theta Tau has nearly quadrupled in the last 10 years.  Our new members, many from new chapters without many alumni of their own – need your support more than ever – at least until the time that these fine Brothers become great engineers in their own right.